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Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

Wet Floor

Managing commercial and industrial property requires attention to detail, safety, and creating a stunning visitor and user experience. Whether you are attracting new tenants, investors, or customers, MIMO Pro, your Calgary commercial cleaners, know you need a reliable team to deliver pristine cleaning services that maintain your professional reputation and deliver a healthy work environment.

MIMO Pro cares for every floor and corner of your corporate office, retail, and industrial space on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and vacate/end-of-lease basis. Our standard Calgary commercial cleaning services include:

Restaurants and Bars

Your restaurant or bar sees dozens, hundreds, and possibly thousands of people walk through its doors every day. Keeping your establishment in top notch condition is an ongoing process which requires the utmost care and attention. When you need restaurant or bar cleaning in Calgary, our restaurant and bar cleaning professionals are here to take care of the hard work and are devoted to keeping your business in pristine condition day in and day out. Calling MIMO Pro will allow your customer service and kitchen staff to focus on providing your customers with a memorable experience.

Fitness Facilities, Gyms and Exercise Studios

Living clean and ensuring a sanitary environment for your guests to workout in is crucial in order to maintain that sparkling reputation. Allow us to take care of that for you so that you can focus on what really matters: your clients! We use disinfectants that are eco friendly and non abrasive so your equipment will stay as good as new and look its best. We use steam to deep clean and disinfect those hard to reach or sensitive areas that might otherwise see damage due to harsh cleaners. For gym cleaning in Calgary, as well as exercise studio cleaning, we’re here for you!

How we Operate at MIMO Pro

1. MIMO Pro, your Calgary commercial cleaners, clean all properties in teams of two. All our staff are fully insured, bonded, COR certified and covered by WCB.

2. We bill up to the minute (from the time our team enters a property until the time they leave). Extra services are not charged individually; the entire team cleaning time is added to your final bill.

3. We’re professional Calgary commercial cleaners; we bring our own cleaning materials and equipment to each location.

4. Clients need to provide information regarding allergy and environmental sensitivity before the MIMO Pro team arrives on site.

5. At MIMO Pro, we believe in giving back to the community. With every cleaning reservation we book, we will donate $5 to our dedicated “Charity of Choice”.

All cleaning times are estimated before any work begins. Areas over 3,000 square feet will be quoted over the phone. Call 587.891.MIMO (6466) or email.